Meadow Walk


We go for a walk each evening, just to check in with each other and with ourselves. There is something about the rhythm of walking that coaxes out deeper feelings and more creative ideas. We do some of our best work when we walk. We have a number of different choices depending on our moods and available time. But, there is nothing like the meadow walk for inspiration and soulful engagement.

Farmhouse Meadow

Meadows are abundant in the countryside near us. In the spring, they literally change every day as grasses grow taller and wild flowers become more beautiful by the hour. Light plays differently over the course of the day and the breeze quietly moves through feathery grasses—waves on a pasture ocean. When the same meadow gets cut and later baled, it simply adds to the unending variety. No matter what the conditions, you can always count on sweeping yet intimate views that inspire. Meadows tucked into rolling hills and set against a distant valley are often beyond words.

High above the valley

Abundance brings surprise around each bend, sneaking up on us like a playful kitten. Before we realize it, nature has worked her magic and we have become willingly seduced into its wealth—no longer distracted by lack or scarcity. At that point, everything looks more beautiful: the dusty roads, the barking dogs and even that unfinished work that has been gnawing at us. Everything becomes as irresistible as a blue-eyed puppy. It is then that we get a glimpse into the overwhelming majesty of everything, including who we are and where we have come from. We find abundance everywhere we look.

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  1. I loved walking with you – thank you for sharing the meadow. The puppies are adorable, but the walk was amazing.


    1. Becky,
      How nice to hear from you and to know that you are still out there. Glad you enjoyed the walk. Come back again and we’ll go somewhere else fun!
      Ciao, em


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