Without Words

Without-LacingWe had grown weary with all of our talk, concepts, and details—trying to communicate what was going on within each of us and how we were changing day-to-day. So much headwork!

We found ourselves spending more and more time in the garden—watching it change and grow. At early dusk, when the sun was moving shadows across the valley, we sat just beyond the studio wall, creating our own evening ritual of debriefing. When the shadow of the hill behind us reached the distant Castello del Trebbio, Trebbio Castle deep within the valley, we called it a day.

With a glass of Campari and not speaking a word, we often sit in silence watching the ever-changing scenery. Those were such quiet, reflective moments that we got in the habit of preferring silence. Slowly we began to realize that the conversation existed as much in the silence as it did in our incessant talking—maybe even more.


Without words
He lets me know that I’m the missing part
Of a promise that he made
To somehow find his way
Searching for the one, only one
Make me want to stay, take my breath away
Believe some things are meant to be

Without words
A simple gesture gently reminds me
Of a promise that I made
That we’d share the day
Walking in the park, until dark
Without a care, delighted to be there
Convinced that this was meant to be

Then Life took over
Broke through our savored silence
Beyond the din we knew
Stillness was simply waiting
Surely it would return one day

Without words
A quiet pause reminds us once again
Of a promise that we made
Forever and a day
Sitting by the fire, hour by hour
True until the end, dedicated friends
Convinced that we were meant to be

Without words
Tucked between a whisper and a sigh
Is the promise that we made


From Fitting Pieces, track released 01 July 2007
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics and vocals
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar and vocals
Mr Toad’s San Francisco – Mastering