Storytellers-LacingWe constantly tell each other stories about our lives—especially stories about the things that we are emotionally attached to. Of course, this is nothing new because people are always making up stories. As humans we are figuratively “swimming” in story.

The problem is the identification and emotional attachment to the stories. We may, in fact, lock ourselves into patterns that aren’t necessarily in our best long-term interest. Those stories can definitely get in our way as we try to move, grow and change.

We are not our stories.



Tell me your story and I’ll tell you mine
Trading woe and misery line for line
Or tell me a tale that will break my heart
When you nearly fell apart, but made it through

Or reminisce about a romance
How you found a love you thought was lost
Then I’ll bring us both to tears of sadness
When I tell you my love has gone

But even though we are strangers
We share fears and anger
Washed and then released
By telling one another what we’ve lived through

If we hold on to our stories
Deeply sad or tales of glory
Trapped, without escape
We become only storytellers

Trapped, without escape
Nothing more than storytellers

Weave me a story and I’ll listen well
Follow every word you have to tell
Open my fingers, let the tale sift through
Since no part is really me or you



From Layers, track released June 17, 2011
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics, vocals and production
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar, vocals and production
Mr Toad’s San Francisco – Mastering