Lighten Up

Lighten-Up-LacingOur friend Zia gave us some important feedback. We asked her, “If we wanted to get more people interested in our work, what would we have to do differently?” Without thinking much at all, she said that our work tends to be a bit heavy and sometimes emotionally difficult for people—what we needed was to “lighten up.”

So, we went home and wrote the story and song “Lighten Up,” and characterized it as being lifted above the fray in a hot air balloon. It was very consistent with the new direction that we were already talking about.

We were already on our way!



Life has its ups and downs
The real trick is how to face it
Just try to balance it all and stay

Life has its twists and some turns
You have to hold your ground
The only way to rise up, high above it is to be

What’s the use in crying
Where’s the worry payoff
If you spend time fretting
What good does it do

How does it help to
Focus only on the problem
Everyone feels so much better
When they lighten up
Take life with a grain of salt

Life has its good and bad days
Just take each as it comes
By looking at them through rose-colored glasses
They glow

Try to drift up high above the fray
And see the world through rose-colored glasses
Taken with a grain of salt life lightens up

Taken with a grain of salt days lighten up


From Masterpiece, track released 01 February 2010
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics and vocals
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar and vocals
Mr Toad’s San Francisco – Mastering