Flowing Forever Free

We were reflecting and talking about how our lives have changed, and how much we have each grown personally along the way. When we were younger, we were much more entangled with everything external. Who we were was more relative and less absolute. It was easy to get caught-up in striving, rewards and competition. We were more easily influenced, thereby subtly shifting our behaviors while trying to maintain balance with our deeper desires and values. Looking back, we somehow made it all work without losing ourselves in the process. Unfortunately, we spent years reinforcing habits and behaviors that sooner or later need to be changed. Modified. That’s not so easy, but we’re working on it!

We have come to appreciate the many challenges faced, and the difficult decisions that hopefully reflected what we know to be true and unbending about who we are deep down. We thought about the metaphor of living like water flowing in a stream—staying centered but still moving through life unaffected by rocks in our way and the banks that constrain us. Remaining flexible, fluid and free, all the while enjoying every encounter and tricky negotiation along the way.



Gazing upon a cloud, I was taken by a dream
Barely aware he was sitting next to me
“A penny for your thoughts” as he offered me a coin
But I told him all my thoughts are free
Unyielding, not tempted by greed

Walking alone, I was taken by a scene
Kids at play, pitting team against team
They took different sides with the flip of a coin
And I wonder if all their thoughts are free
Or traded for the chance to take the lead

Mason jars full of blinking fireflies
Yet the glass can’t hold their light
So they twinkle on throughout the night
Captive, yet free to glow
Simply shimmering on

Sitting on a stone, I was taken by a stream
Smoothing pebbles as it flowed, while appearing so serene
Wading in up to my knees, both feet planted in the sand
Yet the current paid me little heed
Gently swirling all around me
Making its way toward the distant sea
Flowing, forever free


From Borne Album

Track Released – February 2, 2020

Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics, Vocals and Production

Emerson Martlage – Music, Guitar, Vocals and Production

Inspiration – Personal Challenges and Political Climate