Strings Attached

We make promises, or at least suggestions about things we intend to do. Yet often, we never quite get around to it. Life is often complicated. There are usually strings attached and we don’t even know it at the time—hidden agendas, unforeseen situations and ever changing shifts in priorities. Life is a moving target.

Unfortunately, those invisible strings that are attached to our intentions sometimes cause promises to remain unkept, broken. We are constantly reminding each other how important it is to either follow-through or take our promises seriously. There’s no such thing as a casual promise. Attached strings hidden from view often surprise us all.



You said I should wait for you
You had some things you just had to do
Waited a day or two
Those turned into quite a few
Wondered if what you said was true

Put all my plans on hold
Bided my time, watching yours unfold
Counted days as they rolled
Numbers higher, tallied and tolled
Noting all those days you stole

Maybe I gave them to you, after all, willingly
Though I counted on you, there were strings ~ unbeknownst
Veiled, hidden from you and from me: lines not to cross, all along
Now I’m filled with remorse, pardon me, if you will
Let’s start again

I’ll wait as long as it takes
Accepting what is, for both our sakes
Keep every promise I make
Watchful, wide awake
Knowing full-well just what’s at stake


From Borne Album

Track released – April 1, 2014

Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics, Vocals and Production

Emerson Martlage – Music, Guitar, Vocals and Production

Inspiration – Close friend didn’t keep their promise