Circle of Trust

Circle-LacingFor a few years, we had attended “Moon Gatherings,” hosted by Pele and FireHawk in the Santa Cruz mountains. We both had a number of experiences with “circles” for therapy and conversation so we were comfortable with the format. We understand the power of small groups of trusted friends, working to deepen experiences through sharing. We wrote this song as an expression of our appreciation for our hosts and for including us in their close-knit community of fellow travelers.


In the stillness, full moon shining down
Circling the crackling fire we all gather around
In the evening, eyes reflecting the flames
We pass the hours knowing our lives are the same

As I listen to your words, the stories are my own
And I think about the times gone by
The Source from where they’ve grown
Distant echoes

As we are standing within the circle of trust

Lingering in what might be, quietly we stand together
Called to listen patiently, it helps to share the day

Peering past the embers there are faces we’ve known forever
Brothers and sisters on a journey, on their way

Holders of hope, makers of myth—In circle of trust

In this moment, with stars in our eyes
We make a heartfelt promise to meet here on these nights
In this clearing, old trees reaching far
Standing in silent witness, they hear what’s in our hearts

As they listen to our words, the stories become true
And we think about the times to come
The Source somehow made new
Distant calling

As we are standing within the circle
Always within the circle
Taking time for the circle of trust


From The Way to Love, track released 01 July 2006
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics and vocals
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar and vocals
Inspiration – Pele Rouge and FireHawk – Wisdom Traditions