In the Meantime

In-the-Meantime-LacingThis song is a reflection of the way we saw our life before we decided to make major changes. It’s often easier to see things in retrospect.

This is the story of finding ourselves waiting for the day when there will be time, and renewed interest in what the other one does. It seems that interests so quickly diverge and we find ourselves drifting further and further apart—living parallel, separate lives.

To counter that tendency, we can stay alert to the everyday “drifting,” or we can do a major “course correction” as we did. Or we might even discover one day that the distance is just too great, it’s far too late, and we go our separate ways. We keep this “In the Meantime” issue in our awareness.

Living interdependent, integrated lives is fundamental to the continuing success of our partnership. It strengthens the decisions we made and reinforces our resolve to continue on, because there is always so much more.


You were waiting for me
To say something thoughtful
Something you might understand
Something you thought we could share
But I wasn’t listening
Or so it seemed

In the meantime
In between times
Days were filled with plans and schemes
Always so much to be done
There were no moments to spare
Waiting was needed
Or so it seemed

Somehow I thought that when
All of the work was through
And everything else was over
I would return to you
I would come back to you

Tell you stories of my thoughts
And exactly what I feel
Hint of places where I go
Then invite you into

Where I’m waiting for you
I’ll say something thoughtful
Something we both understand
Something I hope we will share
We’ll have forever


From The Way to Love, track released 01 July 2006
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics and vocals
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar and vocals