Something Out of Nothing

Something-LacingWe invited some friends of a friend to our home for some time in the country. The two were delightful and very interesting as we talked away the afternoon.

Following their visit, we talked during our walk about how people drift into our life from seemingly, out of nowhere. We wrote this song about the nature of “creativity” and a life that encourages this kind of chance encounter. We wanted to capture the sense of surprise, that catches us off guard. This is a story and song that is a useful reminder for us of the spontaneous life that we intend to keep nurturing.


From out of nowhere, unexpected
In a flash of brilliance
Suddenly a notion came to me
Took me by surprise
Something out of nothing

From absolutely nowhere, unpredicted
Nothing less than
Just a little stroke of genius
That thought appeared

Right before my eyes
Fell into my hands
Something out of nothing

Words fill the air
On our daily walks without destination
Footsteps keeping time

At home we sort through what we’ve said
Always looking for sparks of inspiration
Taking bits that have been lived
Then turn them into rhyme
Songs to mark the time
Something out of something

Sometimes we talk with friends while noting what they say
Once in a while a story grows from new places discovered
Often just watching everyday life stirs a dream

Then from out of nowhere, overwhelming
Where nothing was before
Appearing all at once
At my fingertips
Something out of nothing

Far beyond all reason,
Dreams and daydreams
From out of nowhere
A flash of inspiration
Right before your eyes
Falls into you hands

Just believe your eyes
Something out of nothing


From Toward the Light, track released 01 January 2008
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics and vocals
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar and vocals
Mr Toad’s San Francisco – Mastering