The Cyclone

The-Cyclone-LacingOne morning in California we were on our walk to Montalvo when we crossed paths with Fred, a friendly character who lives just down the hill from the villa. Wearing his wooly sock cap, he was walking his dog. Within a few minutes of conversation he said that he and his wife were trying to figure out what to do next since she had just retired days before from her lifelong career.

When we resumed our walk, we reminisced about our own many restarts and the importance of that process. We spoke of the commitment that it takes to work together to uncover the common ground and to create new inspiration and energy. Within an hour of arriving home we began writing this story in music.

This story was also great fun for us since we decided to use the roller coaster metaphor for “the ride” of starting again and again. Cheryl had taken many Cyclone rides at LeSourdesville Lake Amusement Park in Ohio when she was a kid. Her memories sparked similar ones with Emerson. The process expanded, creating a shared experience for us, capturing the excitement in words.


Midsummer at the Lake
We dare to ride the Cyclone
Together, never alone
Firmly holding onto the bar as our car climbs up
Then dashes down, defying each sharp turn
Crashing down, through each sharp turn

Hands in the air
We’re flying over the midway
Wind in our hair
The swells and the yells
Fill the night with the promise of thrills
Brakes squeal and burn
Long lines form at the turn style
All waiting their turn
The clack of the track
Captivates them, casting a spell
feel of the ride, thrill of the daze
Enthralled with it all, carried away

The ride suddenly is through
Exhausted, at last I step from the car
Then once again compose myself
Now calm and steady
I head for the end of the line
One more time

Thrill of the ride, thrill of the spell
Enthralled with it all, falling into a trance
A ride to recall, thrill in taking a chance

Late summer at the Lake
We dared to ride the Cyclone
Together, never alone
Day after day we rode that summer away
Thrill of the ride, defying each sharp turn
Enthralled with it all, swept under a spell
A ride to recall, the thrill of it all

Credits (The Cyclone Music)

From Toward the Light, track released 01 January 2008
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics and vocals
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar and vocals
Mr Toad’s San Francisco – Mastering
Inspiration: LeSourdsville Lake Amusement Park & Fred’s new life adventure