Thread of Life

Thread-LacingWe were making the final rounds to our favorite restaurants for our traditional good-bye dinners before leaving Italy. We ran into our friend Matteo on his way home from work one evening. He immediately began jumping up and down with excitement, as his first son was to be born any day.

This was very emotional for us as well, since it brought back fond memories of his mother Paola who had since passed, and demonstrated so clearly how there is always light after the darkness. We remembered how devastated Matteo was when his mother died—and now, he had such anticipation for this new life.

That next day we decided to write this song in memory of Paola and in honor of little Paolo. Cheryl went on line that next day and found a site that described the ancient Greek belief in the “Thread of Life” where we are all tied together in a continuous fabric. It was the natural title and the song was finished within days before we left.


Thread of life, spun by Fate
Binding together yesterday
With all that’s yet to be

From somewhere into this world
Spirit arrives as a boy or a girl
Through the eyes of a child
We see where we’ve been, where we’re bound
All of Life’s threads tightly wound

Day by day, so it seems
Life continues within all of our dreams
In the eyes of a child
We see who we are, who we’ve been
Imagine starting again

Somehow Life goes on
One begins when another is done
Through the life of a child
We are

Web of life spun by Fate
Binding together yesterday
With all that’s yet to be
One day


From Toward the Light, track released 01 January 2008
Cheryl Martlage – Lyrics and vocals
Emerson Martlage – Music, guitar and vocals
Mr Toad’s San Francisco – Mastering
Paolo Quagli – Inspiration